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What does sedation feel like?
Most patients have little recall of “going under.” Those who do typically remember pleasant and relaxed feelings. Individuals who are sedated with propofol often report quite vivid dreams, which are typically pleasant in nature. Propofol-based sedation also causes complete or near-complete amnesia for the procedure, but memory and most cognitive functions typically return nearly to normal prior to discharge. Patients sedated with propofol rarely complain of feeling "drugged" and more often remark that they feel as if they had a great nap. While fentanyl and other opioid-type drugs may cause nausea, particularly at higher doses, this is rare with propofol.
I want to see my that possible?
Just as some patients ask not to remember anything, others want to see some or all of their exam. You should discuss this with your doctor before the examination.  In most cases patients sedated with propofol can be allowed to awaken during the withdrawal of the colonoscope, once the cecum has been reached. Colonoscopy is not usually uncomfortable once the cecum has been reached.
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